Ottawa School of Theatre’s mission is to offer excellence in theatre education and experience that is accessible to students of all ages, and to be a creative catalyst for self-confident performers and discerning and appreciative patrons of the arts in our school and the greater community.

Get to know us a little better — here are the values that guide our work.

  1. We strive for excellence through continuous quality improvement in all our endeavours.
  2. We embrace diversity in all of its dimensions, believing that mutual respect for individuality, ideas, and opinions are vital for both personal and organisational success.
  3. We value intellectual vitality that is characterised by creativity, knowledge, curiosity, aesthetics, critical thinking, wisdom and a sense of humour.
  4. We value a safe, welcoming environment where individuals can reach their full potential because they feel able to take risks and make mistakes; where there are supportive and collegial relationships; where leadership is provided by trustworthy students and adults; and where teamwork is inherent.
  5. We value kindness, compassion, and generosity in all our actions in order to minimise harm done to others.
  6. We value truth and strive to ensure that all interactions are founded on open, honest, and transparent communication in order to sustain a community of trust.
  7. We understand and base all actions on core ethical values and will not compromise these values for the sake of convenience.
  8. We value the importance of confidentiality and will work diligently to protect this.
  9. Our school attracts friends, families, and colleagues who often sign up to learn and work together, and we see this as a strength; however, we seek to make official organisational decisions without conflict of interest arising from these relationships.
  10. We value fact-based, impartial, and reflective decision-making through collegial deliberation.