OST encourage our students to explore and gain experience through diverse projects & collaborations. Being a theatre school swarming with talent, we occasionally receive requests for various acting needs.

The opportunities listed below are from 3rd parties and are unrelated to Ottawa School of Theatre, unless specified otherwise. Any questions or concerns must be directed to the contact listed within the listing.

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Ottawa School of Theatre – Write your own short play

Calling All Young Playwrights! 

This Contest invites students to get inspired and create their own original work of art:

Create your own short PLAY (10 MINUTES MAX) for a young audience.

The goal is to be as creative as possible.

1 Grand Prize winner from all submissions, will win a workshop with OST’s teacher who will work with your students on the play for a presentation at your school.

Scripts should be submitted to: office@ost-eto.ca

Deadline to submit February 14, 2020
Register to the contest here: